Cricket Science

Cricket Science (Pty) Ltd is an organization formed by Habib Noorbhai, Russell Woolmer and Prof Timothy Noakes. Cricket as a game has evolved over the years and the level of competition is intensifying all year through, therefore the introduction of cross-cutting scientific knowledge in cricket can help in the enhancement of the performance of the teams and players.


Cricket Science (Pty) Ltd aims to match up the demands of the modern game by providing integral information on the latest scientific and research developments in the game to improve and enhance the performance of cricketers.


It’s mission is to provide cricketers with access for the right support at the optimal time in their pursuit of excellence through the dissemination of science.

Areas of Core Expertise

  • Injury Prediction and surveillance
  • Injury Prevention
  • Cricket specific personalized strength and conditioning programmes
  • Performance Optimization
  • Biomechanics
  • Revolutionised products manufactured through a high standard of scientific trial and testing
  • Inter-disciplinary approaches to the complete cricketer

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